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RadioShack API Overview

This is the documentation for the RadioShack API. This platform enables you to leverage RadioShack's large inventory of data for use with your application. To get started, click the Request API Key or Login button on the left, or if you have API access or general questions, please contact us.

API Resources

The RadioShack API provides many different resources, which are listed on the left. To view the different available API methods click on one of the resources to view general information. For more detailed documentation you must be logged in and have been granted access to that API. Contact us if you want to request access to a new API.

The RadioShack API returns all results in easy-to-parse XML or JSON and?&provides CORS support for all APIs.


Authentication is as easy as providing your API developer key with each resource request. Keys and access are per user and monitored individually. If you are unable to login via any of our OAuth providers or require assistance provisioning a key for your application, please contact us.

For more detailed instructions on authentication, view the API documentation for each resource or view the general purpose authentication documentation on the left.